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Hope & Leroy


'Hope & Leroy' is a narrative project combining a new fairy tale with a series of eight jewelry pieces illustrating scenes from the story. The text is written in the fashion of traditional fairy tales, with dark themes and unexplained events, but the style incorporates modern influences.

The modern approach to the narrative continues in the jewelry collection. The pieces were designed and produced using primarily digital methods including laser cutting and algorithmic design with RhinoScript.

A few pieces from the collection are below, along with corresponding sections of the story.

"Monsters Make Pie"
rhinocript, laser cutting, laser engraving, leather

The pattern for this neckpiece was randomly generated with a custom RhinoScript program using user-defined inputs. A variety of different pieces can be made with same program, and no two would ever be the same.

“There was once a horrible monster in the forest. All the children living nearby were carefully instructed to never go into the forest; and none of the children ever did, except one. After all, monsters scare children terribly. This is especially true about children who have been told an astonishing number of bedtime stories about monsters who cut children up into tiny pieces and bake them into pies.”

“Engulfed in Flames”
laser cutting, wool felt, wooden buttons

“He held up the daisy to look at it and watched the flames flutter merrily around the petals. Then suddenly, as he was watching, the flames started to spread down the stem towards his hand. He considered throwing it on the ground and stomping on it over and over, but he realized he didn’t want to. The fire spread down the stem, onto his fingers, and up his arm. Then it started to hurt. The fire continued to spread until there was nowhere else for it to spread and it just hurt (it was much worse than the pie incident).”

"By Fire"
rhino3d, laser cutting, powder coating, wood veneer mdf, cotton cord, silver

The wooden components of this pendant set are interchangeable. The pieces gradually progress from the sillouette of a monster to a lily; a piece can be selected depending on the wearer's current stage of personal transformation.

"After what seemed like a very long time but actually wasn’t, the fire left his fingers and then his hand and then his arm, and where the fire left Leroy was different. The fire continued to retreat until there was nowhere left for it to go and then it disappeared."

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